Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Practical Demonstration of SaaS ...

The Oracle Technology Network recently published my latest article, A Practical Demonstration of SaaS Using Oracle Application Express. It's a detailed tutorial that teaches you many things to think about when developing SaaS, including topics like multitenancy, metadata, parametric applications, service delivery, and more. Rather than recycle definitions of all these terms that you might already have read about, the goal of this article was to show the reader how to build SaaS first-hand. Please check it out and give me feedback if you have some time.

I should also mention that the approach that the article takes to build the demo service is just one method for building SaaS -- specifically, a single service instance that supports multiple tenants by utilizing metadata and parameters to "morph" the service at runtime, ala In fact, there are many viable approaches for building SaaS from the ground up or enabling legacy applications for on-demand delivery, and I plan on exploring these in future posts here. But today, I hope that you get some value from my work in this recent article.

-- Steve


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